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The Visio Method ©

Vasco has developed its proprietary four step VISIO tm method which begins by defining your business objectives out to implementation.

The VISIO tm method is a project tool. From operational business stakes to rollout, using digital assessment tools for decision-making.

International projects run using VISIO tm retain their clarity, despite multi-layer legal aspects.

Our Exclusive Digital Tools

International project work needs a transversal approach to legal thematics

Vasco’s legal team handles this legal complexity using its experience combined with their proprietary digital CORE tool, Collaborative Opportunities and Risks Engine.

We code your international project using an algorithm specific to your needs and present this in a graphic visual format.

This way you reach the most informed business decision.

Our Products 3 Main Categories

Our Products 3 Main Categories

Vasco offers three main categories of service area

International projects and services built and piloted for you by Vasco through to completion

International compliance for your group, in conjunction with compliance and change management experts.

Strategic support from Vasco Lawyers to in-house legal departments managing their own projects.

Combined Skills

Mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, setting up companies

International taxation

Crossborder labour

Liability issues

International data privacy

Intellectual property

Real estate


Billing Methods

Our clients require visibility for their projects. Our billing is not rate based, but fixed price, step-based, with a success fee component, if appropriate.

Why would the legal services industry be different from other business sectors ?

Visibility of costs is the key our fixed price, step-based billing provides to businesses

We can do this by using our exclusive VISIO tm method

4 steps, 4 tangible work products, 4 billing stages.

You choose whether to continue at each step.