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Vasco pushes the horizon on international legal practice

Vasco dares to imagine how to innovate in international legal practice. Vasco lawyers have the ambition to change the legal world by thinking in new ways about law.

This has lead Vasco to reconsider the various processes for working with our clients, helping them in their international business decisions. Our clients have business-specific knowledge. And Vasco’s business-experienced partners start by understanding your business, then map this to legal milestones.

Vasco uses digital methods and tools with Vasco partner firms abroad to share and collaborate on projects. A source of added value to our international affairs.


Vasco’s lawyers have run international projects on all continents on the planet.

We are able to work in countries such as Iran, China, Russia, Brazil… and of course Europe, North America…

Rooted in the business world, we know that international operations require leveraging local law expertise to ensure successful business outcomes.

Knowing how to use international law practically is a real skill, verging on diplomacy in certain cultures.


Our Products in the International Area

“Before going into Iran, how can I get information and prepare for trademark infringements?”

            Vasco Iran Desk


“After the VW news, carmakers are revising their international supplier contracts. Is this an opportunity to gain market share?”

            Vasco Compliance consulting


“Can I startup in China in 6 months from now?”

            Vasco CORE engine scenario planning tools.

Our International Sector Expertise