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Structuring your international business

Creating or acquiring foreign businesses

Partnering with foreign companies

Product and services launches in foreign countries

International compliance analysis

International Taxation

Liability assessments for your foreign businesses

Assistance to your legal department piloting international projects

Vasco answers your requirements by helping you take the right decisions. We deal with the following areas : mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, setting up companies, international taxation, crossborder labour, liability issues, international intellectual property, real estate, customs, compliance.

If you have an international business project, contact Vasco.

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with international business or Big 4 legal backgrounds.

More than 60 years spent…

in major industrial sectors (automobile, energy, infrastructure, technology).

High quality solutions…

and practical too. Legal strategy, clearly explained help in decision-making, piloting rollout of your solutions.

Digital tools…

bring unrivalled added value to our clients.

Audacious lawyers…

using our business acumen for our clients !

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